Our Products

Our Products

Columbia Onion operates under Good Manufacturing Practices. Food quality assurance with micro-testing, HACCP programs and third-party food safety audits guarantee our customers receive safe, wholesome products.

After harvesting the red, white and yellow onions, they are transferred immediately to Columbia Onion’s climate controlled raw storage facilities to keep the onions fresh.

We use drip irrigation to provide highest quality onion

Fresh Cut Whole Peeled Onions

When ready for processing, onions are moved to Columbia Onion processing facility where they are kept in a climate controlled cooler at 34-38 degrees prior to processing. After processing, the whole peeled product is stored in a climate controlled finished cooler continuing preservation of the cold chain.

Fresh Pack Onions

In addition to fresh cut whole peeled onions, Columbia Onion also packs fresh onions in 25 pound bags, 50 pound bags, 2,000 pound super sacks and 40 pound cartons. All three varieties - yellow, white and red onions - are grown under drip irrigation to provide the highest quality and storability.

Available in 25 & 50 pound bags, 2,000 pound super sacks, 40 pound cartons